jen the pen*Things got pretty messy after Jen the Pen made some interesting remarks on the last episode of “Love and Hip Hop 3.”

She and Consequence got into some heated debates during a Twitter discussion about some comments that weren’t received well by… anyone.

What happened? Jen and Raqi Thunda had some issues during that last episode of “LAHH 3” over some business about radio auditions. They fought and it was a big fiasco that carried over longer than necessary.

During the confrontation, Raqi may have yelled out to Jen that she’s “entitled” and followed up with, “Have fun trying to get hot.”

Jen responded with “I’m white, honey it will get done.”

So uh… yeah.

But the crazy commentary didn’t end there. Also, Raqi said something about Jen getting black “d*ck” and called her an “entitled honkie” while Jen ended by saying “I’ll get on with my whiteness.”

So Twitter: Jen’s baby’s father jumped to her rescue and defended her online.

This stuff just got way too out of hand and flowed over to Instagram, where Jen posted, “this is what my family is made of, if my comments affected anyone, I apologize.”


Check out the drama here.

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