nikita levy

Dr. Nikita Levy of John’s Hopkins Hospital community center committed suicide Monday, February 18, 2013, when it was discovered that he was taping and photographing his patients.

*The medical community has been turned upside down because the most respectable institution in the world has hired some of the most deviant mofolos in town.

Dr. Nikita Levy is a Johns Hopkins gynecologist who killed himself Monday, by wrapping a plastic bag around his head and pumping it with helium when it was discovered that he had been taping and photgraphing his patients. He left a suicide note behind for his wife in his car saying, “[did not want to] see you suffer with the truth,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Levy has been an gynecologist with Johns Hopkins for over 20 years and it appears he was an undercover freak the entire time. He had surveillance equipment in his office, but he also had a spy pen in his pocket that shot video. Gross! Unfortunately, he won’t be brought to justice, but those he left behind will take the fall for his actions. A serious class action lawsuit is building with attorneys taking out newspaper ads to attract those who have been violated by Levy.