KMichellePromo585x466*People still care about K. Michelle?

Ok… since they do, it looks like the reality show star and singer has something good for those who would care to listen.

She’s got a lot of experience in the heart break hotel department and she plans to unleash those trying times in the studio for upcoming album, “Rebellious Soul.”

“That whole album is about that boy [JR Smith]. When dudes use us for coochie, I use them for songs,” the singer explained to the Power 105 “Breakfast Club.” “Man, he played me. I was in love. I was so open, dude, I was ready to cook breakfast naked. Sing songs. I was ready to sit down. I was very sincere. He sold me the dream.”

K. Michelle seems to make some pretty silly errors when it comes to her relationships. During the interview on the show, she admitted her mouth was a contributing factor to them breaking up. But also clarified that the two never really had a label and she knew he would sleep around.

“He played me, I thought we were serious,” she said. “We weren’t a couple, but we spent a lot of time together. I’m not going to lie on him. We didn’t have this commitment.”

Check out the full interview: