kandi & todd*Eek! Is Kandi Burruss faking the funk with her ring? Or is her fiancée frontin’ for the tele?

Us Weekly reports that her man Todd Tucker put an extra icy two-karat diamond ring on her finger for all the world to see. But one diamond expert is saying that thing ain’t even real.

“At first glance, the ring looks like a stunning (and HUGE!) two-karat oval diamond,” Ira Weissman wrote in the Huffington Post. “But at closer inspection, this is clearly not what we’re dealing with here.”

Allegedly the ring is a Greg Ruth design and according to the expert, should be worth at least $40,000. The one Kandi is boasting about is worth $11,000 Weissman proposes. Weissman suggests that the ring is basically a cluster of smaller diamonds to appear as one larger piece, and the ring probably weighs a total of two-karats. He adds in the article that it would be much more respectable if Kandi came clean about it and shared with the world how she made a less expensive ring work for her.

kandi burruss engagement ring