Chris dorner*One man sure had perfectly bad timing to execute a prank.

Some dude  who identified himself as Mike Taughter told a Los Angeles TV station that he could confirm that a Fish and Game officer had seen Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer suspected of killing four people.

The prankster took advantage of a live news report during a critical time in the manhunt to make a huge, not so funny joke.

On Tuesday, police believed they had Dorner cornered in a cabin located near Big Bear in a region of Southern California mountains.

So this Mike guy called KCBS and said that Ronnie the Limo Driver, radio show host and Howard Stern’s head of security, was caught in a gunfight with Dorner and someone had been hit.

While the news anchor continued to interview the caller, he interrupted and said, on the air, “You’re a real dumb-ass!” “You still don’t know that this is a prank?”

The line went dead and the reporter scrambled to correct the error.

Later, a Philadelphia-based comedian who calls himself Captain Janks, claimed responsibility on his Twitter page.

The standoff ended Tuesday night when the cabin went up in flames. But so far, a body hasn’t been found.