keith sweat (make it last forever)*Is Keith Sweat qualified to give relationship advice?

Could be since the singer of famous R&B ballads and sexual healing, mood-changing songs like “Make It Last Forever” and “Hood Sex”has a new relationship book out called, would you believe, “Make it Last Forever.”

In an interview with The Root, the singer turned author chatted about the book, relationships, music and all that good stuff, explaining, or justifying why he think he’s qualified to give you some advice on love.

“Basically, since I’ve written a lot of love songs, and a lot of people listen to my music, it made sense. Many of the songs are based on relationships that I have experienced. I’ve done a lot of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ in my life, so I figured a book would be a natural progression. Writing a relationship book fits into the framework of what I have done in my career in music and on radio.”

There you have it. Because he sings the songs, he’s got the credentials.

Keith Sweat is also the nighttime host of the “Sweat Hotel,” a syndicated radio show.

On the advice tip, he says compatibility is multifaceted and includes sexuality and communication.

Check out the full interview at theRoot.

And since we’re talking Keith’s new book named after his hit song, why not give the tune a spin? Ok, good idea,  let’s do it: