Kim Zolciak*Outside of the reality television drama, Kim Zolciak has a little lawsuit on her hands and some talkative parents.

According to TMZ, Kim requested a gag order against her parents. Yes, she wants them to shut their mouths and keep her personal affairs out of the media.

Apparently, mom and dad are yapping it up about their battle with Kim over visitation rights with their grandchildren.

Since Kim’s dad went out and straight up called her a pathological liar, all hell has broken loose and the parents threatened to publish a tell-all book with a $50,000 pay off.

A judgment hasn’t yet been made on the case.

The actual rift between the family was sparked after Kim kicked her mother out of her wedding when she made her way into the house to use the restroom, as opposed to using one of the convenient luxury port-a-potties outside.

Oh, but that’s not all. She’s also being sued by the wedding planner for unpaid fees and valet service.

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