kobe blocks lebron (2013 all-star game)*As if to prove he’s still got a lot left in his tank, 34-year-old Kobe Bryant took on 28-year-old LeBron James in Sunday night’s N BA All-Star game and would you believe, he got the best of King James.

Who knows, maybe Bryant thought he in game 7 of the NBA Finals. The end result was a 5 point victory for the West over the East and the Kobester got the satisfaction of blocking LeBron’s patented, money-in-the bank jumper, according to the NY Post.

“[Bryant] was talking during the timeout he wanted to take [James] one on one,” Spurs point guard Tony Parker said, “and he did a pretty good job.”

In a game usually devoid of defense, Bryant took on the challenge of shutting down the reigning league and Finals MVP down the stretch last night’s game, and succeeded in doing so. Bryant hounded James throughout the fourth quarter, holding him to a pair of free throws and 0-for-4 shooting from the field in the fourth as the Western Conference came away with a 143-138 victory.

The biggest play Bryant made came when James rose up to take a jumper with 2:39 remaining and the East trailing 134-126. Bryant anticipated the move perfectly, swatting the shot and leaving Kevin Durant a wide-open path to the basket for a tomahawk dunk that put the West ahead for 10 and sealed the win.

“I knew he wanted to shoot it,” Bryant said. “He was thirsty for one.”

There’s more to this story at the NY Post.

Watch Kobe block LeBron’s jumper: