metta world peace*LA Lakers forward Metta World Peace found himself awakened from sleep early this morning when police responded to a report of 4 armed men in condo complex,  reports TMZ.

LAPD say they got a call around midnight regarding 4 guys – 3 with handguns and one with a shotgun – lurking around the MWP’s West LA home.

The report says officers called out the suspects over a loudspeaker, and eventually 2 men, Metta’s brother and cousin, heard the commotion and came out to talk to cops.

Only problem is … we’re told they didn’t have any ID, so police handcuffed both men until they could make sure they weren’t involved.

Sources say officers had to wake up Metta — who quickly vouched for his brother and cousin, and both men were released. We’re told Mr. World Peace was very “understanding and professional” … naturally.

Eventually the “armed suspects” came out and proved to cops they were residents of the complex – unrelated to Metta – who were returning home with BB guns used while recording a video.

TMZ says the 4 men got off with a warning … presumably about carrying weapons in public.