future & lil wayne

Rapper Future featured Lil Wayne on his track “Karate Chop” which was recently leaked to the internet and the combination was explosive.

*The rap world has always been scrutinized for some of the gritty delivery in artists’ songs.

But, none of the songs have been so disrespectful as to compare a sex act with a tragic lynching in American history.

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Well, who else would go there, but Lil’ Wayne. He is featured on a track with rapper Future for his song “Karate Chop” which was recently leaked to the internet.

On the track, he compares the beating death and/or lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955, to what he would do to a woman’s genitals.

The song appears on the mixtape “This Is That Southern Smoke Vol. 4″, according to the Huffington Post.