louis farrakhan (screenshot)*Minister Louis Farrakhan responded to Lifetime’s recent historical film, “Betty and Coretta.

The film depicted him in a way that he believes is false.

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His comments shouldn’t surprise most, given his edgy, controversial history.

“It is because the murder of Malcolm X is still alive in the hearts and minds of many, and they wish to charge me with that crime in order to seek to destroy my reputation with the people that love and admire me,” he told Final Call. “And also, to plant the seed in the hearts of those who don’t know me that I am, in fact, a ‘murderer.’”

When asked what he thinks about Lifetime educating a generation of young people about the history of Malcolm in this fashion, he said, “The first thing that our young people should understand, is that there is no statute of limitation on ‘murder.’”

“In two years, it will be 50 years since the assassination of Brother Malcolm: At no time during these 48 years has the government opened the files on that murder of Brother Malcolm, and let the public see those files. I have appealed to the government to open the files, so that everything in those files could be made manifest, not only to the Shabazz family, and the families of those so ill-affected by his murder-but also my family, and the lives that are constantly put in the public.”

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