*Rap icon Tupac Shakur’s estate has joined the all-star roster of deceased acts run by Jampol Artist Management, Inc. (JAM), which already represents the estates of such notable musicians as Otis Redding, Rick James and Peter Tosh and consults the Estate of Michael Jackson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Working along with JAM will be Loma Vista Recordings founder and chairman Tom Whalley, who originally signed Tupac to Interscope in 1991.

“Given his long relationship with Tupac and Afeni Shakur — Tupac’s mother, the head of his estate and founder of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation — Tom is uniquely qualified to help preserve the artistic legacy and musical vision of Tupac,” said a JAM press release.

Tupac’s legacy has continued long after his death more than 16 years ago. The bulk of his 75 million records sold worldwide came following his death, with seven of his 11 platinum-selling albums released posthumously. As recently as last year, a hologram version of the rapper was making headlines with a performance at Coachella that subsequently boosted sales by 571 percent for his Greatest Hits album.

“Tupac was a legend in life and will be an icon forever,” JAM CEO Jeff Jampol said in the statement. “It’s our responsibility – and our privilege — to ensure that new generations of fans experience the power of Tupac’s music, his ideas and his storytelling.”

“I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that Tupac’s entire body of work is made available for his fans,” Afeni Shakur said. “My son left many incomplete pieces and even more unfinished ideas. Using the blueprints he gave us, I am committed to fulfilling this duty. Tom [Whalley] and I are very pleased to have Jeff Jampol as the manager of Tupac’s estate. I know that Jeff and his staff have a deep respect for my son’s work and will find innovative ways to continue to keep his music, his message, and his legacy alive.”