megaworldimage*Last week, Marketing and International Business Expert, Travis Cloyd, appeared on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon. Sharing his groundbreaking perspectives on marketing in the 21st Century with 180 million viewers in seventy-five countries worldwide!

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MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon is the “internationally syndicated television program all about money and how to get it” featuring informative interviews with industry leaders and CEOs, who provide insight into their operations and outlook for the future.

“Cloyd was informative speaking about geo-targeting marketing techniques and how 21st Century technologies are changing the way his industry sector is attacking their objectives,” says MoneyTV anchor Don Baillargeon. Baillargeon who has labeled Cloyd’s Mega World Media as, “The 21st Century marketing guys.”

Cloyd shared his views about online marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and geo-targeted marketing in today’s global economy. 

To view Travis Cloyd’s informative segment on MoneyTV: CLICK

Travis Cloyd will be available for appearances in Hawaii (February 4-8) and Mumbai (February 11-22), Los Angeles (on March 11th) and is available for media inquiries or for executive consultations.

TravisHeadshotAbout Travis Cloyd & Mega World Media

Travis Cloyd, a graduate of Arizona State University is the founder of Mega World Media and Hawk Exports. He is also the co-founder of 3Dation and Corporation Marketing; all companies revolving around strategic international growth.

With over 8 years of experience in the online marketing space managing SEM, SEO, SMM and mobile marketing campaigns Cloyd currently consults companies all over the world (public and private) looking to market and sell their products in foreign territory.

Mr. Cloyd a guest speaker on business television shows has moderated such events as the CleanTech India Seminar and speaks occasionally on panels.
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