maya azucena*On January 14th Maya Azucena launched her latest effort, “Dance Revolution,” a song commissioned by the One Billion Rising campaign.

Produced by DJ Spinna, and music video directed by Rae Maxwell, “Dance Revolution” marked the 1-month countdown to One Billion Rising, a Global Day of Action to End Violence Against Women and Girls. One Billion Rising is the latest project of Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues and long-time activist says, “What is most remarkable is what One Billion Rising has already accomplished before we even begin to dance today.”

One of those accomplishments is Azucena’s “Dance Revolution”, a high energy track, replete with the message of the movement, not just the day. Azucena stands strong in that movement, saying “Dance Revolution is battle cry, calling all people to join in solidarity to resist violence against women and the passive silence that allows it to continue.” The statistic that 1 in every 3 women will be beaten or raped during their lifetime is how the project’s name was derived, but to inspire that one billion and more to rise up and dance and raise awareness to combat violence against women is the mission of the day and the entire project.

Azucena’s involvement is personal, she is one of those one billion women, and this is her chance to revolt as well. The passion in her voice on “Revolution” is that of a survivor; the fervor with which she is promoting the movement is that of someone with so much to live for and the energy that went into putting this video together is that of someone with something to say. She adds, “The music video, a true labor of love, was shot over 7 days, in 3 cities, on two coasts, with 3 dance troupes and over 2 dozen women and girls. This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done on camera. Female director, Rae Maxwell (RMI), did an amazing job of capturing the dynamic energy of the dancers, and the emotion of the message with a uniquely creative eye.”

Millions of people are celebrating love today; there are millions more in pain, in fear or even worse from how love and hate were shown to them. Join One Billion Rising and the numerous organizations and programs by not standing silent as our mothers, sisters, wives and others suffer at the hand of brutality. If you’re in the New York City area, put on your dancing shoes and join Maya Azucena, DJ Beverly Bond, Rosario Dawson, Glenn Close, Rosie Perez and others at the Hammerstein Ballroom for “Rise NYC” at 7pm.