Mr. T*Stop pitying yo’self, fool! Never fear, Mr. T is here.

The 1980s television and movie star has made the transition from old school to new school stardom with the great invention of YouTube and smart phones.

He’s entered the digital era and is dishing out his own advice for the average millennial, smart phone user through his new app.

TodayEntertainment reports that the “Ask Mr. T” only has one episode thus far, but there’s plenty of promise and lots of attitude in his take-no-prisoners style, where he stands against a blank wall and answers submitted questions.

This week: “The copier at work is broken again. What shall I do?” Partial answer: “Don’t let no machine take you for a ride!”

That’s right!

Mr.-T-Official-App-for-iPhone-iPod-touch-and-iPad-on-the-iTunes-App-StoreIf you’ve got a problem, Mr. T can solve them. All are welcome to submit questions via the new app, which is being offered at a limited time reduced price.

But with the app, users can’t Mr. T their photos with heavy gold chains or add facial hair.

Fun stuff. The app is available for only .99 Cents. The iPad version will be released soon.