Quadree El Amin

Quadree El Amin

*Washington, DC – Influential and respected music mogul, Qadree El-Amin, has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit ($5million+) against Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguema

Obiang Mangue, son of Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for fraud and breach of contract. This lawsuit comes on the heels of recent

media reports that  the French government has seized several of Teodorin’s assets including 11 luxury vehicles … Rolls Royces, Ferrari’s, Bugatti Veyrons and Maserati  MC 12s. And, amid reports that investigations are unfolding in other countries against Teodorin, including Spain.

In 2009, Teodorin Obiang approached El-Amin for the purpose of creating an  entertainment company to develop musical acts and motion pictures. He wanted

El-Amin to use his skills, expertise and relationships in the Entertainment industry to accomplish this goal.

After entering into an Agreement, El-Amin successfully solicited and negotiated lucrative business deals for the company, recruited and signed artists, and also negotiated licensing and distribution deals.

teodoro nguema

Teodoro ‘Teodorin’ Nguema Obiang Mangue

In addition, El-Amin recruited his longtime friend, the late Mark Kamin, who is credited with discovering Madonna in 1982, to remix the classic, “A Summer Place,” which was successfully cleared for the project and recorded by Pussy Cat Doll, Ashley Roberts, whom El-Amin also recruited for the project. (Kamin introduced Madonna to Seymore Stein of Sire Records, who immediately signed her).

In what seems to be a pattern of behavior, Teodorin Obiang refused to compensate El-Amin, Kamin or the artists. In addition, El-Amin states that Teodorin failed to provide funds for the budget or for recording, videos, marketing, promotional or distribution costs after the projects had been completed.

Says El-Amin, “After several attempts to resolve these issues, Teodorin has refused to act in good faith and has left me with no choice but to file a lawsuit against him. He took advantage of me, the artists, and all of the professionals involved, including my friend, Mark Kamin. “

El-Amin continues, “While we all operated in good faith, it appears Teodorin deliberately and willfully made commitments he knew he had absolutely no intention of fulfilling, and in the process, strung everyone along with fraudulently. Now, he has sought refuge in his country after stiffing a string of reputable professionals in the US entertainment industry. But this is America, and our Justice system does not tolerate fraud or malfeasance.”


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