nelly*Damn, Nelly is a little high strung lately.

The rapper went off on Columbus, Ohio radio show host Misty Jordan on Power 107.5, when questions came up about his new single “Hey Porsche.”

She observed that the song sounds quite similar to Flo Rida’s “Whistle.”

“Does ‘Ride with Me’ sound like ‘E.I.?'” he fired back. “Does ‘E.I.’ sound like ‘Country Grammar?’ Does ‘Country Grammar’ sound like ‘Hot in Herre?’ Does ‘Hot in Here’ sound like ‘Dilemma?’ Does ‘Dillemma’ sound like ‘Over and Over?'”

Yikes. Hang on Sparky!

It’s a legitimate question since both songs feature production from DJ Frank E.

Nelly eventually calmed down and actually talked about the song, sort of and said, “The direction for every song I ever had was different,” he says. “It’s been fourteen years. And versatility has been a key of lasting in the business.”

And it appears he’s evolving and going with the trend of Pop music, as the song floats on the threshold of hip hop and pop.

His transformation seems to be a good thing for his pockets as the single hit no. 36 on Billboard, leading his seventh studio album, “M.O.”