Tory Kittles

Tory Kittles in “The Kill Hole”

*A new independent film “The Kill Hole,” starring “Sons Of Anarchy‘s” Tory Kittles as an ex-Marine with a vendetta and “42‘s” Chadwick Boseman as the Iraq veteran tasked with bringing him down, has a number of parallels to ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner, whose vendetta against the LA Police Department led to the murders of four people, a manhunt, and culminated this week in a nationally televised gunfight standoff in the Southern California mountains.

“Kill Hole” involves a black ex-military sniper who targets associates of a military contracting organization and hides out in the wilderness. In the trailer (see it below), Kittles is seen firing a gun in public and wielding a rifle, clad in camo, in heavily wooded terrain.

The movie is scheduled to open theatrically in New York on March 15 via RBC Films, with a DVD release to follow on April 9. A rep for the film claims theatrical dates were already being finalized for the pic when Dorner began his killing spree. After opening in limited release in New York, “Kill Hole” will expand to Portland, Los Angeles, and possible additional markets.

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Tory Kittles in “The Kill Hole”

The RBC Film Group and Alternate Ending Studios co-production was written and directed by cab driver-turned-filmmaker Mischa Webley, who tapped non-actor war veterans to fill out the cast. Billy Zane and Peter Green also star in the pic, which screens at the 2013 Pan African Film Festival this week in Los Angeles.

According to Deadline, the action-thriller aims to take advantage of Boseman’s mainstream debut as Jackie Robinson opposite Harrison Ford in “42,” which Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are releasing April 12.

Chadwick Boseman (L) and Tory Kittles in "The Killl Hole"

Chadwick Boseman (L) and Tory Kittles in “The Killl Hole”

Boseman previously starred on ABC Family’s “Lincoln Heights” and NBC’s “Persons Unknown.”

Meanwhile, Kittles will have a busy month: He follows “Kill Hole” with The Weinstein Co.’s “The Sapphires” and FilmDistrict’s “Olympus Has Fallen,” both out March 22.

Watch the trailer for “The Kill Hole” below: