nicki minaj shades

*She hit the judge’s table in Thursday’s episode with sunglasses on indoors — which should’ve been clue No. 1 that Nicki Minaj was suddenly all business for “American Idol’s” Hollywood Week.

Viewers could’ve used those shades to diffuse some of the intensity of her comments, which came to the satisfaction of some fans longing for the bluntness of ex-judge Simon Cowell, and to the dismay of others who expected her nurturing demeanor from the auditions to continue.

This week, Minaj was like an inmate on A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight,” going in hard on her victims, yet strictly out of love.

One of her more memorable Hollywood Week moments involved vertically challenged hopeful Matheus Fernandes. The 4’9” singer belted a frazzled rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” likely for the line “stand a little taller,” then, got an earful from Nicki about always milking his short stature.

“I felt like every time you performed you were making reference to your height,” she told the former “Glee Project” contestant. “Sometimes things can go from being inspiring to becoming you wanting a pity party…You don’t have to milk that ever again.”

Cut to Fernandes sobbing, off-stage surrounded by a scrum of “Idol” producers trying to console him.

cortez shaw

Cortez Shaw

On Wednesday’s show, Nicki didn’t hold back on Cortez Shaw after his rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” As fellow judge Mariah Carey was trying to encourage him after a less-than-stellar performance, Nicki chimed in, “I honestly thought that you did a poor job at that song. And I was very disgusted by it.”

A shaky and nervous Paul Jolley took the stage for his solo performance, telling the judges “I’ve worked so hard for this,” before he sang Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away.” But unlike the other three judges, who clearly pitied him, Minaj was not sympathetic.

“You walked out so defeated and it really irritated me,” she said. “Just give us one minute of professionalism.”

Below, Nicki tells EURweb that no one took it easy on her in the music business, so why should she take it easy on these contestants?

Below, the Matheus Fernandes performance and Nicki Minaj’s comments.