clifton moseley* For many people, the art of creating a personal brand goes a long way.

For Clifton Moseley (pictured above), a personal and professional brand is not complete without a desire to give back to the community.

The Pittsburgh, Pa. native, along with various movers and shakers, will share this mindset with sales professionals at this year’s National Sales Network (NSN)-LA State of the Organization Jazz Brunch. The eighth annual event, which is open to the public, will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday (Feb. 9) at the Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica Hotel  in Santa Monica, Ca.

Founded in 1992 by a group of African-American sales and sales management professionals in Newark, New Jersey, the NSN develops and increases the skills of sales professionals through training, career development strategies and networking. Although the nonprofit grassroots membership organization boasts several professional advantages, Moseley cited a personal component that connects all the dots of the NSN.

“Networking is part of giving. If you are out there always taking, that’s not really what networking is. Networking is what value you can bring to someone, the NSN Los Angeles chapter president shared with EUR’s Lee Bailey while explaining the purpose of the jazz brunch. “It’s really building up your networking and building up relationships with people you may not normally come in contact with, giving you an opportunity. Those who are looking for employment now have an outreach, where now it’s no longer a cold call but it’s a warm call because we have corporate partners that are looking to actually partner with us to show they’re part of giving back to the community.”

Networking isn’t the NSN’s only way of giving back. The organization’s LA chapter has partnered with USC for its scholarship program to honor a student with a scholarship and all-expense paid trip to the NSN national conference that will take place Aug. 7 – 10 in Chicago.

Among those featured at the State of the Organization jazz brunch are KJLH radio personality Adai Lamar; jazz artist Gail Jhonson and her band, 3 Piece Suit;and featured guest speaker Willie Jolley, author of “A Setback is a Setup for A Comeback” and “An Attitude of Excellence.” The spotlight will also shine on local volunteers who will be honored with various awards and recognition.

Overall, taking full advantage of the brunch and its networking opportunities can yield beneficial results while increasing the value of your professional brand, according to Moseley.

“That’s number one and foremost. Speaking to different HR professional placement services and corporations in this environment, the former Atlanta resident stated. “With it being so competitive and so many people being displaced, it’s very important that networking is far most one of the superior things to do for this employment, moving up through the ranks in your corporation. You have to be able to network in your corporation so people know who you are and talk about you for the next promotion.”

Advance tickets for the NSN-LA State of the Organization Jazz Brunch are $25 for members, $35 for nonmembers. For more information on the event and tickets, visit

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