russell westbrook*Some say the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s lightning quick point guard Russell Westbrook is a narcissistic hot head. And based on his response to a reporter’s question recently, that description might not be too far off.

After  109 to 94 loss to the Utah Jazz before the All-Star break, a reporter asked Westbrook about the Thunder’s effort .. . or lack thereof. A fairly standard, if not cliché question. In other words, “did they win because you played poorly and gave them the game?” After all, OKC at the time was 10 games ahead of the Jazz and should’ve easily won.

Well, as far as Westbrook was concerned, that was a crazy question and since you read the headline you know the rest.

“What? Bro what are you talking about man? I’m out man,” he said turning his back to the reporters. “Ya’ll N*gg*s trippin’.”