*World class poker star Phil Ivey’s money is being held hostage at Britain’s oldest casino, Crockfords.

According to the Daily Mail, the pro player won £7.3 million and now the casino is suspicious and has launched an investigation.

A source close to the situation told the press that he was accompanied by an attractive Asian woman when he struck a winning streak playing Punto Banco, a skill-free variant of baccarat.

The casino initially agreed to transfer the winnings to his bank account, but things changed six weeks later. Ivey has received only £1 million pending the investigation.

So far, staff members have been interviewed, but the police have not been alerted. Investigators have also reviewed all surveillance camera footage and even checked out the cards dealt during the game. Serious business.

Suspicions rose when the investigators discovered that his companion’s membership at another casino had been previously suspended.

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