steve harvey*One of radio and TV personality Steve Harvey‘s bodyguards is about to spend some time with the Palm Beach County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office because authorities are planning to issue a warrant for his arrest.

At this point the bodyguard has not been identified, but he’s accused of vandalizing a Ford Fusion parked at the Winter Equestrian Festival’s showgrounds in Wellington over the weekend, according to Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra.

The comedian and morning radio personality has become a regular at the equestrian festival because one of his daughters is a fledgling competitor.

The vandalism includes mainly keying the car of an amateur equestrian so deeply into the metal it could cost upward for $7,000 to repair. The incident is believed to have started during an argument over a hard-to-find parking spot.

“We are planning on issuing a warrant for the arrest of an associate of Steve Harvey,” said Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) Spokesman Eric Davis. “I can’t give out the name now but it appears that he is the only suspect.”

PBSO deputies cornered Harvey and the bodyguard at the showgrounds over the weekend to question them about the incident.

Harvey is not expected to be charged.

Harvey’s publicist, whose job is to talk to the press, is still not returning calls for comment.

Gossip Extra also reported that whoever scratched the car down to the metal on both sides, the trunk and the entire hood could be charged with a felony!

The owner of the car is an amateur show jumping rider who has yet to be identified by PBSO. It is unclear whether the alleged victim has decided to press charges.

The incident could be related to a dispute over a parking space. Parking at the horse venue has traditionally been scarce.

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