*The Super Bowl blackout gave NBC the perfect opportunity to promote its freshman sci-fi drama about life in the wake of … a worldwide blackout.

Revolution tweet 1

“Revolution” co-stars Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Tom Neville, an insurance adjuster pre-blackout, and the leader of a militia in the post-blackout world where everyone is just trying to survive.

Esposito said having to play a character in this throwback environment has had a profound effect on his life off-set.

“I recently went out of the country to an undisclosed country that we’re not supposed to go to, and I had no cell service for five days, and it was illuminating not to have that, not to have that touch of the phone or to have that comfort in my hand,” Esposito told us. “And after two days I realized that I didn’t need to have that. I could rely on human and personal interaction. This particular show first of all, I’m inspired as an actor by the tidbit of information that I get because this world is so rich and so full and has been developed in such a beautiful way, and the show, don’t forget, is about family.”

Unfortunately, many folks at the Super Bowl didn’t have such a positive view of the half-hour power outage. But one stadium’s misfortune is a network’s opportunity to plug away. NBC followed its first blackout tweet on Sunday with the one below, featuring a pic showing one of the devices capable of restoring power in the series.

Revolution tweet 2

Below, Esposito gives us exclusive scoop on what’s in store when the series returns on March 25.