*Who would have thought Robin Thicke would make it to television with Kevin Hart? It’s almost random right?

It was for him too. During an interview with “Watch What Happens live” with Andy Cohen, he revealed that he had no idea he was auditioning for “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

“I started doing my Kevin Hart impression for Kevin when I first met him because I am a big Kevin Hart fan,” Robin explained. “He started laughing. Then a month later he called me and was like, ‘I’m going to do this show, and let’s have dinner.'”

He continued, “The dinner that we had at the Chateau Marmont ended up being the first episode-the first two episodes,” Robin revealed. “What was so funny is that a lot of people kept coming up and saying hi to me, and none of them recognized Kevin.”

Since the faux reality show is all about the laughs, Robin revealed most of the show is improvised, though there is a script. During rehearsals, he admitted the script is pretty much an after-thought.

Watch the interview: