rockmond dunbar*This weekend, look out for Lifetime’s latest premiere film, “Pastor Brown” directed by actor Rockmond Dunbar.

Starring Salli Richardson-Whitfield, the television movie focuses on a former stripper, played by Salli, who find herself in an unexpected situation when her sick preaching father calls her to take his place at the church.

Of course being ‘heir to the throne,’ her presence and leadership is met with some controversy.

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Making matters even more complicated are Jesse’s conflict with her bitter sister, and her awkward attempts to reconcile with her now teenage son, who justly feels he has been abandoned most of his life.

In an interview with, Dunbar, the film’s debuting director, admitted the new role was a challenge, but he also said don’t expect a bunch of bafoonery.

“Well you have to look at this for a second. Where is Rockmond Dunbar coming from? He’s coming from one of the longest running black TV dramas in history, ‘Soul Food.’ The quality of ‘Soul Food’ was incredible with a huge, huge fan base,” he said. “So how could I essentially direct and come out with something less than that? That would be an embarrassment. And also I worked really really hard to give the film the quality that I think we deserve. Even in our lower budgeted independent films the quality should be there. So if you’re looking at what I put together for, way less than $2 million dollars, just think if I had $2.5 million, $5 million, $10 million. Just think what the quality would be in any genre, because I’m very very particular at what I do.”

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