roots cast on wendy*Quentin Tarantino surely stirred up some conversation with the production of his spaghetti Western slave flick, “Django Unchained,” and even threw out some criticism about Alex Haley’s classic TV mini series, “Roots,” saying that much of the story wasn’t true.

So, some of the original “Roots” cast members showed up on the Wendy Williams show to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the mini series and discuss the “Django” hub bub.

“Quentin Tarantino is a very clever man, very brilliant, brilliant movie,” Louis Gossett, Jr. began diplomatically. ” [But] The N word… I’m old enough to remember the knee-jerk reactions when I hear the word and there were too many of them for me. He wanted to break out all of the myths and stuff but he was going for publicity. Now if we want to talk about the West, let’s talk about Bass ReevesDeadwood Dick and Nat Turner. Now put those dolls out there for our children to see next to Django and maybe that will level the playing field.”

Levar Burton kept his comments pretty neutral but Leslie Uggams took it to the house, basically telling Tarantino to shut his mouth about “Roots.”

“We’re telling our Black story, he ain’t Black!”

Check it out for yourself: