girls made to fight*The stupidity is rising all over the world and we are held hostage by it.

We reported on an incident July 2012, where two toddlers were forced to fight one another by the adult that was caring for them. We thought it was an anomaly, but we see now, it is not.

Somewhere in New York, a video was discovered of children being forced to fight one another, even when one child did not want to participate. There are adults standing around laughing and encouraging the fight while taping the fight with their cell phones, according to the Huffington Post report from Gothamist.You can hear one woman yelling, “Slap her! Slap her! Slap her!” The video was reported to authorities, in hopes that the culprits would be apprehended and thrown under the jail, but there hasn’t been an arrest made so far. YouTube removed the video from their site, but not before this comment was made about the sometimes irresponsible video outlet.

“Just when you think our voyeuristic culture of glorified violence couldn’t sink much lower, YouTube is there to reveal new depths,” Gothamist wrote in reference to the clip.

But no one wants to see the video of children fighting anyway, right?! The heartbreaking video gave clues to police like a double long bus in the background, where NBC 4 noticed and reported it “is somewhere in Manhattan or the Bronx because only those boroughs have that type of vehicle.”

Let’s pray that all those involved in victimizing these young girls are locked up…ASAP!

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks