SherriShepherd*When have you known Sherri Shepherd merely appear to hold her tongue? Probably never.

Because the host hasn’t reached the five-year milestone in her, ahem, second marriage, she refuses to drop pearls of wisdom about the life-long commitment. But she went all the way in (in a good way) about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship.

It was after watching the Beyoncé interview on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that Sherri felt she needed to say something to the world.

The singer told Oprah it’s nice to go home to her man because it gives her “such a foundation.” She went on about how it’s important to be with someone “that you just like.”

Sherri saddled up on Twitter and gave Bey some props.

Beyoncé told Oprah that she wouldn’t be who she was if she didn’t have Jay-Z to go home to … that’s pretty awesome,” tweeted Sherri, who pointed out a popular relationship double standard.
“When a woman’s career is great no one says ‘she must’ve had a good man,’ but when it goes south everyone blames ‘that damn husband,'” she wrote. “When a man does well or is powerful, we tend to say ‘he must’ve had a good woman behind him’ but it also goes the other way.”

Sherri also admitted though she’s divorced, her first husband played an instrumental role in her success, and her current husband has been a motivator for her most recent projects.

Sometimes a hubby helps U w fear,” she said; yet she also warned women not to be too dependent on their men.