dorian missick *TNT’s hit show “Southland” returns for a 5th season tonight – but according to the series’ Dorian Missick, who stars as Detective Ruben Robinson, Christopher Dorner’s emergence actually affected the show’s filming.

Missick revealed that “Southland,” hailed for being a genuine and gritty portrayal of the lives of the officers of the Los Angeles Police Department, often uses real LAPD officers as background players or cops with one or two lines.

He said “The day when that hit the news and the manifesto hit the streets we lost everybody. They had all men on patrol so we didn’t have anybody on set … they weren’t  sure  what his targets were so they had to protect the cops in uniform that are on the show to make sure no one’s getting picked off, so it was a lot of tension.”

He recalled pulling up to set on the day news broke saying as he drove up cop cars were “flying off the set.”

dorian missick & regina kingMissik is returning to the show for his second season of which he refers to as his “favorite season” because he says “now Ruben’s not a rookie anymore and he and Lydia’s (played by Regina King) relationship has progressed to where she trusts him more and she respects his opinion immensely. It’s like Ruben’s able to stand up on his own two and take charge a lot more!”

Missick said the challenge of starring in “Southland” is trying to find interesting ways to try and solve the crimes, But says that Regina King makes those transitions smoother.

Aside from “Southland” Dorian Missick is a bit of a Renaissance man. He has an indie film premiering this Friday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music during the New Voices in Black Cinema called “Big Words” about a disbanded rap group that, after a long period of time, reunites and struggles to rebuild relationships and find their place in the world now.

dorian missick & other actorDorian is also a seasoned club DJ and just launched his own online radio show called “Stone Groove,” which can be found at

Check out Dorian Missick and the rest of the cast of Southland during its season 5 premier tonight 9pm E/P on TNT.  Check your local listings for times.