yung teddy*A convicted felon was recently charged in the shooting death of Justin Mitchell, a young man known as rapper “Yung Teddy.”

The incident took place on Jan. 2 in the victim’s home in Austell, while two women watched reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. According to witnesses, Curley Dean Holden held a firearm to one woman’s neck while pointing the weapon at the other before shooting Mitchell.

“The accused pointed the handgun in the direction of Mr. Mitchell and fired several times,” an arrest warrant states.

The victim tweeted that he received death threats just hours before his death. He was 23 years old.

Earlier this month, a woman was arrested for sending death threats to Mitchell. And just 24 hours before his death, she sent messages saying, “You a dead man walking” and “This your year to die.”

The woman spent 15 days in jail and was released Jan 29.

Holden had been on the run for three weeks after threatening to kill someone at a barbecue, says the warrant. The suspect also goes by the name Willie Danyel Hunt and has a history of arrests for drug related charges. He was arrested Jan. 23 for alleged terrorist threats and was later charged with the death of Mitchell.