Tashera Simmons *Tashera Simmons is totally crushed that new reality show, “Starter Wives” was canceled after just a few weeks on air. And some say she could be pinning the cancellation on 50 Cent.

Shortly after TLC announced its decision to only air the show online, 50 took to Twitter to take the credit for the move.

Last week he called the show “trash” and jokingly bid good luck to the cast members, hoping everyone would eventually find work.

He then followed up by saying the ladies on the show are just “angry ex girls.”

Tashera then responded to the announcement, expressing her disappointment that the show has ended so soon.

“I am very disappointed by the sequence of events that has taken place in the last week. It’s disheartening that the show was cancelled after two episodes due to many inflated egos,” she said in a statement.

Then she went on a bit of a rant about how women in the industry are constantly scrutinized and shut down for telling their story, while men are still regarded supreme.

“It’s okay for rappers to get on television and tell their story about how many times they were shot or how they were heavily in the drug game, but it’s not okay for women to share their story about their life experiences.”

She also added that the show wasn’t about women being bitter and afraid, but rather independent and victorious as they established a name for themselves post-famous husbands.