mary j blige*For whatever reason, singer (and actress) Mary J. Blige is having a ton of money issues.

Last year, as we reported, she was sued for allegedly defaulting on a $2.2 million bank loan. And before that, her charity was taken to court for not paying back a $250k loan.

Now we’re learning that Blige – who was sued earlier this month for allegedly defaulting on a $500k bank loan – is also on the hook for $901,769.65 in back taxes to the state of New Jersey, according to official documents obtained by TMZ.

Burt Miss Mary is not the only celeb getting a visit from the tax man this weekend.

The IRS is claiming Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, whose real name is Cordazar Broadus, owes more than $546k in back payments.

According to the documents, reports TMZ, Snoop owes for two separate years, 2009 ($101,952.44) and 2011 ($444,317.85).

It’s Snoop’s first brush with the IRS. He reportedly owed $476k in back taxes back in 2008, but paid up when Uncle Sam brought the debt to his attention.

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