toni braxton*Even after two successful seasons of exposing her world on television, Toni Braxton is still not used to forfeiting a private life to reality TV.

“You have to tell so much about your personal life. My generation…we were taught to be aloof. You don’t want to tell your business. Keep the mystique. Now, it’s like tell everything,” said Toni who listed Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as her counterparts who were given similar advice.

She added that things have changed over the years, where the stars featured on magazine covers were models. These days, however, reality stars are the main topic of conversation.

But she still hasn’t gotten used to it.

During the interview with Access Hollywood, she also admitted that had it not been for that big moment, she would have been a school teacher, a hot one at that.

The singer is set to star in a Lifetime movie, “Twist of Faith” as a God-fearing woman named Nina.

“Everything is what I would have been had my moment not happened.” Like Toni, her character grows up in a strict Christian household. “We alluded that she’s a [preacher’s kid],” said Toni who described Nina as her alter ego. “It’s my life.”

The movie aired this past Saturday on Lifetime.