lou rawls*The new season of TV One’sUnsung” has kicked off with some major interviews and interesting discoveries with big stars like Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Mint Condition, Johnny Gill, The Whispers, and so many more.

The docu-series covers the life and careers of dynamic African American stars, discussing their journey to success and some failure.

However, one person we will never see on the show is Stephanie Mills. She told the Huffington Post that “Unsung” is not for her.

“I don’t like that show. They have approached me quite a few times, but I [won’t] do that show…I don’t feel unsung. I feel like I’ve had a wonderful career. I’ve done wonderful things and met so many wonderful different people. So I don’t feel like I’m unsung at all.”

In that case, we can only wonder what the late great Mr. Lou Rawls would have to say about being profiled on the show. That’s because if there’s anybody who is not “Unsung” material it’s him\ because he definitely received his acclaim while he was alive.

In any event, check out the season’s remaining schedule:

2/6 – EPMD
2/13 – Lou Rawls
2/20 – Disco Tribute (2 hour special)
2/27 – Eddie Kendricks
3/6 – The Whispers
3/13 – Mint Condition
3/20 – Johnny Gill