philly community leaders

Community leaders and elected officials along with neighborhood residents come together to rally for the capture of those responsible for the kidnap and brutal attack of 5-year-old Na’illa Robinson.

*On January 16, we reported an awful, but heroic story of a man by the name of Nelson Mandela Myers, who rescued 5-year-old Na’illa Robinson on his way to work.

She was kidnapped from her elementary school and he later found her underneath a slide on a playground en route to his job, soaking wet in freezing temperatures, wearing only an adult size black t-shirt in the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 15.

Well, we thought the story stopped there and all was well with the world until we found out from an inside source that she had been so brutally, sexually assaulted that she has to wear a colostomy bag.

The story has yet to gain national attention and we are wondering why.