usher & tameka*Oh shoot. Karma has come right back around and could be biting Usher in the butt.

Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane, who gave the singer full custody of his two sons following an extremely nasty and public divorce from Tameka Raymond, is now under investigation.

In 2008, John Mayoue, Usher’s attorney in the case, donated at least $1,000 toward Judge Lane’s campaign and hosted the only fundraising event that same year.

Attorney Lisa West, who was the lead attorney for Tameka, asked the judge to recuse herself from the case. She didn’t and so West later followed up by appealing the judge’s ruling.

CBS Atlanta had the chance to interview Judge Lane and she denied ruling in favor of Usher due to the contributions she received. But she didn’t deny that she failed to disclose to the court her relationship with Mayoue during the case.