Jesus christ is my n*He calls it rapping for Jesus, maybe a tactic he believes will get the attention of the youth.

But he may have taken it a bit too far when he called his Savior a  n-word. Oh and he’s not Black, if that makes it even more outrageous.

Pastor Jim Colerick (pictured) has put together a video he thinks will inspire youth who are seeking the “Christian truth.”

The “inspirational message” this man of the cloth is sharing is called “Rapping for Jesus,” reports the Daily Mail.

Though, the end of the first verse may make you cringe.

Here is the beginning of the song below:

“Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth

“I wanna teach kids the Christian truth.”

“If you wanna reach those kids on the street”

“Then you gotta do a rap, do a hip hop beat.”

“So heed my sermon, an urban kid”

My rhymes are fly, my beats are sick.”

My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger.”

“That’s cause Jesus Christ is my N*gga.

Yes, he said, “Jesus Christ is my N*gga.”

Check out the video and we dare you not to laugh or cry … or both: