willow-smith-tongue-pierced-6-25-12*Aww, time is nobody’s friend.

Free spirit, Willow Smith is just too old now to play the role of ‘Annie’ in the upcoming “Annie” musical.

According to Deadline.com, the singer was supposed to play the orphan, but now the producers of the show are saying Willow aged out.

Pre-production started three years ago and Willow was the top candidate for the spot, but now that’s she’s 12, Will Smith’s little female twin will have to sit this one out.

But her parents will still be involved in producing the film and even brought aboard Jay-Z, who signed their kid to Roc Nation. Besides, it should be a great partnership, being that Jay has a bit of a remix history with the classic song, “Hard Knock Life.”

Although it’s not clear yet who will be taking the major role, the film will begin shooting in the fall.