drake & chris brown*In the interest of keeping it’s club in one piece, one Hollywood night spot refused to let Drake in because his arch enemy, Chris Brown was already posted up in there.

It may have been the prudent thing to do given that these two can’t seem to be in the same space at the same time without some ish breaking out. (You do recall the brawl they had in NYC last Summer, right?) Actually, truth be told, Breezy can’t seem to be anywhere without something going haywire when he’s around.

According to sources, Brown was inside club Playhouse celebrating an anniversary party for some clothing brand called Popular Demand, according to TMZ.

The bouncers were aware Chris was inside when Drake showed up around midnight … and they knew Rihanna would be joining him later on … so they asked Drake to party somewhere else that night.

The promoters — and the nightclub — obviously wanted to avoid what happened at W.i.P. nightclub last summer … when Chris and Drake’s entourage nearly destroyed the place with flying bottles.

Drake supposedly handled the rejection like a gentleman and left without incident.