ashton ruiz *Rising pop R&B duo 2-U-NEEK member Ashton Ruiz has landed a role in his first feature film “InAPPropriate Comedy.” It premieres in theaters this Friday, March 22.

Ashton a multi faceted talent will be featured alongside an all- star roster of industry talent. Headed by director Vince Offer, better known as “Mr. Shamwow,”; academy award winner Adrien Brody, Rob Schnieder, Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Rodriguez.

Ashton got his start in entertainment with his twin sister who formed the popular singing group 2-­U‐Neek. Ashton who is a singer songwriter is currently working on singles for 2-­U‐Neek’s upcoming album. The twins have also taken on the titles of Author as co-­writers of a children’s book entitled “The Adventures of Peni and Keni.” As if he wasn’t busy enough Ashton is thrilled to now add actor to his resume’.

As a singer and songwriter working hard towards cultivating a new album, Ashton somehow still found time to land a role in one of the years biggest upcoming films. His versatility as an entertainer will captivate audiences as he makes his first appearance on the big screen.

“InAPPropiate Comedy” is about a computer tablet full of the world’s most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy. This film will give audiences and fans a chance to see Ashton showcase his comedic acting chops in his first Big Screen appearance in this sketch comedy film.

The movie trailer can be viewed at or check it out below:’