pedro quezada*Pedro Quezada who won the $338 million Power Ball lottery is a deadbeat dad?!

We’re betting he won’t be in the “deadbeat” category very long because in order to collect his lottery winnings, he has to first pay off the $29,000 in back child support.

“The Sheriff’s Office was informed by Passaic County Probation Department that Pedro Quezada  has an outstanding Child Support Warrant of approximately $29,000,” Berdnik said in a statement to NBC Latino. “The Sheriff’s Office Warrant Squad is attempting to notify Mr. Quezado about the issue in an effort to have it resolved in a timely manner.

Quezada, 44, claimed his winning ticket on Tuesday and immediately moved out of his apartment to keep a low profile and put his bodega up for sale. The unpaid child support payments go back to 2009, but while Berdnik says the issue will be taken care of before Quezada is given his winnings, he technically could be arrested.

“Because of Mr. Quezada’s large winnings, generally the New Jersey Division of Lottery would satisfy the judgment before all of the winnings are released. Like everyone else, until this warrant is satisfied, Mr. Quezada, is subject to potential arrest.”

The bottom line is that Quezada, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and currently a New Jersey resident, could also be arrested to satisfy the warrant for his non-payment.

It’s still unclear as to which of his children the delinquent warrant covers.

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