marcus boykin

Meet Marcus Boykin, also known as, Creature.

Before we get started on this story, let us ask the ladies, “Would you let Mr. Freaky Deaky pictured above, hit it?”

OK, while you ponder that, here’s the deal on Mr. Sexy, er, The Creature …

*While reality shows appear to be popular, I still want to believe that most of us wouldn’t mind seeing them go off the air tomorrow.

They are pushing the envelope every single day and it is sickening to watch.

The newest program on AMC is “Freakshow.”

The show depicts the daily life at Todd Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow and the lives of the entertainers or “freaks” that are a part of the Freakshow given their daily.

According to AMC, the show features “two-headed animals, strange artifacts, eccentric performers and human wonders.”

The human wonders would include The Creature.