bobby-brown*Hmmm, now we know why Bobby Brown voluntarily turned himself in.

He’s obviously clairvoyant and knew he would only serve 9 hours behind bars. Yes, 9 hours … and then be released instead of serving the full 55 day sentence he was given for his 3rd DUI.

Ok, no, in reality Bobby Brown isn’t clairvoyant, he’s just lucky the LA County jail is bursting at the seams and needs the space for the real, real serious offenders.

If you recall, Brown was arrested in October after driving erratically on an L.A. street. He pled no contest to DUI and driving on a suspended license. It was his second DUI arrest in 7 months.

Bobby is on 4 years probation and has to attend alcohol education classes for 18 months, according to TMZ.

Anyway, welcome home, Bobby.