curtis woodstone

*Folks often take to Twitter and Facebook to bully classmates, coworkers, enemies, and celebrities.

But, as technology grows and background checks are possible for nearly anyone, they may want to rethink their words before they post them.

According to New York Daily News, Curtis Woodhouse is a british boxer that was considering retirement when he took his latest loss in the ring.

But to add insult to injury, a Tweeterer, later identified by Woodhouse as Johnny O’Brian, went on a tirade against Woodhouse on Twitter saying:

@woodhousecurtis retire immediately cant even defend a pathetic little title you are a complete disgrace #awfulboxer

— the master (@jimmyob88) March 11, 2013

@1987holmesj great is a strong word mayweather Ali tyson Lewis were great fighters @woodhousecurtis is a laughable joke in my opinion