American-Idol’s-Nicki-Minaj*For those brave souls still trying to stick with “American Idol” this season, FOX announced today that it’ll all be over on May 16, when a winner from the Top 20 selected this week will be crowned.

As previously reported, the show hit an all-time ratings low this week, and judging from Twitter comments and feedback posted on “Idol”-related stories, folks are specifically turning away from new judge Nicki Minaj.

People seem to hate her, or really hate her.

Complaints against the singer/rapper have ranged from too much hair touching, to one too many “Hello my little ladybug” greetings, to asking contestants their nationality, to her British accent, to her bizarre love affair with Zoanette.



“I do think the judges are doing their best to pick a full-rounded contestant that’s got the best voice and that can make a connection, and that they think or deem as memorable,” said Ryan Seacrest in Nicki’s defense during the “Idol Across America” event in New York on Friday.

“American Idol’s” new on-screen Twitter meter – showing the percentage of tweets that agree with the judges – tells the whole story this season. Rarely has the thing registered above 50 percent of audience members who support the judges’ decisions.

Thankfully, the voting public will get its turn next week when the shows finally go live.

It’s quite apparent that Nicki – who had original dreams of becoming an actress – has a soft spot for contestants who can hit the stage with confidence and make a connection, whether they have vocal talent or not.  Below, Nicki says she was once that type of artist – getting rejection after rejection until Lil Wayne saw something in her and took a chance.

“American Idol’s” Top 20 perform live next Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.