Singer Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band is 60 today.

Singer Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band is 60.

*Charlie Wilson is on top of the world. He’s living the high life as Uncle Charlie should.

In an interview with the SingersRoom, the singer chatted about celebrating his birthday, his sixth studio album, and the future.

Entitled “Love,” the album leads with its single “My Love is All I Have,” a song that speaks to Charlie’s overall message. He says:

“I just thought I’d change it up a little bit and do a little something different as far as the groove is concerned. There’s so many records on this particular CD that could be singles, and what I did is I approached it to all my writers and producers; meaning Wirlie Morris, Gregg Pagani, Emile from The Insomniax, I told all these guys, each one of them…’we have to have a single,’ so each one of them was shooting for the single…they didn’t know if their song was making the single or not, so when I went to them and heard the songs and we were writing the songs together I was like ‘no this is not the first single’ so we just kept writing. I made everybody believe that their song…would be one of the singles and we ended up with 12 fantastic records and they all are single potential. When I tell you, every song on my album is single potential for just great R&B.”

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