chris brown*Despite what those grudge holding critics may say, Chris Brown has a softer side to him.

Wednesday the singer showed off his mural painting skills. Through his org, Symphonic Love Foundation, he and rising star Romeo Britto worked together to raise money for Best Buddies International, volunteer program that establishes one-on-one friendships and leadership programs for those with developmental disabilities.

Chris and a few kids from Best Buddies worked together to create a graffiti mural.

“They inspired each other. After they painted the mural to auction for Best Buddies, Chris and Britto went outside to paint the wall at the entrance to Britto’s studio,” a source said, according to Hollywood Life. “It’s amazing to see the different styles and process of the two artists come together into this incredible piece of work. Everyone got along great and was excited to be a part of this. The Best Buddies kids were so excited!”