common*We’re in a season of reality shows, biopics and remakes.

Next up is the remake of Fancois Trauffaut’s 1977 film, “The Man Who Loved Women.”

But it’s not going to be an updated version like most other remakes. The writers decided to move the story from it’s Paris location to Buenos Aires, where Marc Guiness, who will be played by rapper Common, is inspired to compose a memoir of his myriad of relationships throughout his life.

Directed by first-time feature director J. Kevin Swain, the film’s leading ladies could range from Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, Frida Pinto, and Eva Marcelle.

Critics say Common as the lead role isn’t a bad choice at all, being that he’s been dominating in his FX western series, “Hell on Wheels.” And a remake isn’t a bad idea either, given the original film was lacking a little substance.

Hopefully it will be a great hit.