Actor D.L. Hughley is 49 today.*D.L. Hughley stunned the judges on Tuesday night’s edition of “Dancing with the Stars.” He impressed with a much-improved (his specialty) quick step with pro partner Cheryl Burke.

After the dance, he joked with co-host, Brooke Burke-Chavet about he and his partner’s spat during rehearsals saying the pair “were doing our Whitney (Houston) and Bobby (Brown) imitation for a little while.”

NBC’s The Clicker later asked if his reference to the former couple’s relationship was a planned comment or something he did in the moment, he reminded that he’s a comedian.

“Of course, it was spontaneous,” Hughley told The Clicker after taping. “Let’s be realistic — I’m a comedian. Even if I danced the quickstep to perfection, people aren’t ever going to watch me do it (outside of this show). They want me to try hard while I’m here.”

Besides that, his partner was certainly happy to see the improvement.

“D.L. did an amazing job,” Cheryl said. “You can’t even compare his performance from last week. He put so much time into rehearsals and he worked so hard.”